Commit 64cd04c5 authored by Keith Jolley's avatar Keith Jolley

Use correct table for scheme cache (always prefixed with mv_ now).

Make sure we don't return null values for non-BIGSdb databases.
parent 3beda17f
......@@ -159,12 +159,12 @@ sub get_distinct_fields {
#Now can query profile_fields table directly, rather than the scheme view. This will be much quicker.
#If scheme uses a materialized view (prefixed with mv_) then it will be quicker to check this.
my $qry;
if ( $self->{'dbase_name'} =~ /bigsdb/x && $self->{'dbase_table'} =~ /^scheme_(\d+)$/x ) {
if ( $self->{'dbase_name'} =~ /bigsdb/x && $self->{'dbase_table'} =~ /^mv_scheme_(\d+)$/x ) {
my $scheme_id = $1;
$qry = qq(SELECT distinct value FROM profile_fields WHERE scheme_field='$field' )
$qry = qq(SELECT DISTINCT value FROM profile_fields WHERE scheme_field='$field' )
. qq(AND scheme_id=$scheme_id ORDER BY value);
} else {
$qry = qq(SELECT distinct $field FROM $self->{'dbase_table'} ORDER BY $field);
$qry = qq(SELECT DISTINCT $field FROM $self->{'dbase_table'} WHERE $field IS NOT NULL ORDER BY $field);
my $values = [];
eval { $values = $self->{'db'}->selectcol_arrayref($qry) };
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