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Details about database changes when upgrading to v1.10.

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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Version 1.6: Change of isolate and seqdef database structures.
Version 1.7: Change of isolate, seqdef, and job database structures.
Version 1.8: Change of isolate database structures.
Version 1.9: Change of isolate database structures.
Version 1.10: Change of isolate and seqdef database structures.
Details can be found below.
......@@ -209,3 +210,17 @@ automatically updated by database triggers.
There is also an additional field, new_version, that needs to be added to
the isolates table of an isolate database. This is to support record
Version 1.10
There are changes to the isolate and sequence definition database structures.
Please run the isolatedb_v1.10.sql and seqdefdb_v1.10.sql scripts, found in
the sql/upgrade directory, against your databases.
The main change to both databases is a modification to the way that curator
permissions are stored. The previous user_permissions table is removed and
is replaced with a new curator_permissions table that uses key/value pairs
allowing new permissions to be introduced without changes to the database
There are also changes to the projects table in the isolates database.
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