Commit aa23a67c authored by Olivier Sallou's avatar Olivier Sallou
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replace var variables by config file variables except for pure env variables

parent 32252351
......@@ -124,6 +124,14 @@ def main():
if not os.path.exists(BiomajConfig.global_config.get('GENERAL','conf.dir')):
for prop_file in prop_files:
propbankconfig = {}
with open(prop_file,'r') as old:
for line in old:
vals = line.split('=')
if len(vals) > 1:
propbankconfig[vals[0].strip()] = vals[1].strip()
newpropfile = os.path.join(BiomajConfig.global_config.get('GENERAL','conf.dir'),os.path.basename(prop_file))
newprop = open(newpropfile,'w')
#logging.warn("manage "+prop_file+" => "+newpropfile)
......@@ -131,7 +139,14 @@ def main():
with open(prop_file,'r') as props:
for line in props:
if not (line.startswith('*') or line.startswith('/*')):
# Replace config variables with new syntax ${xx} => %(xx)s, not other env variables
pattern = re.compile("\$\{([a-zA-Z0-9-_.]+)\}")
varmatch = pattern.findall(line)
if varmatch:
for match in varmatch:
if match in biomajconfig or match in propbankconfig:
line = line.replace('${'+match+'}','%('+match+')s')
b = Bank(os.path.basename(prop_file).replace('.properties',''),no_log=True)
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