Commit 6d03153c authored by Olivier Sallou's avatar Olivier Sallou

add script for database migration and files for wheel packaging

parent 536a1b3f
## Needs database upgrade
If using biomaj-watcher, must use version >= 3.1.0
Feature #67,#66,#61 switch to micro service architecture. Still works in local monolithic install
Fix some configuration parameter loading when not defined in config
from biomaj.schema_version import SchemaVersion
import logging
logging.warn('Migrate BioMAJ database...')
logging.warn('Needs in local directory or env variable BIOMAJ_CONF')
logging.warn('Migration done')
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ config = {
'test_suite': 'nose.collector',
'packages': find_packages(),
'include_package_data': True,
'scripts': [],
'scripts': ['scripts/'],
'name': 'biomaj',
'cmdclass': {'install': post_install},
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