Commit 7e66edd0 authored by Yoann Dufresne's avatar Yoann Dufresne
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bugfix on graph manipulation for merging and test to verify it

parent 309388be
......@@ -34,14 +34,15 @@ def merge_nodes(G, node1, node2):
new_node = f"{node1}_{node2}" if node1 < node2 else f"{node2}_{node1}"
# Add the edges from previous nodes
# List the edges to add
neighbors = []
for edge in G.edges(node1):
neighbor = edge[0] if edge[0] != node1 else edge[1]
if neighbor == node2:
G.add_edge(neighbor, new_node)
for edge in G.edges(node2):
neighbor = edge[0] if edge[0] != node2 else edge[1]
......@@ -49,6 +50,13 @@ def merge_nodes(G, node1, node2):
if neighbor == node1:
# De-replicate neighbors
neighbors = set(neighbors)
# Add neighbors
for neighbor in neighbors:
G.add_edge(neighbor, new_node)
# Remove previous nodes from the graph
import unittest
from d_graph import Dgraph
import graph_manipulator as gm
class TestGraphManipulation(unittest.TestCase):
def test_dg_to_list(self):
center, h1, h2, G = unit_d_graph
dg = Dgraph(center)
dg.put_halves(h1, h2, G)
lst = dg.to_ordered_lists()
self.assertEquals([['A0'], ['A1'], ['A2'], ['C'], ['B2'], ['B1'], ['B0']], lst)
def test_generate_d_graph_chain(self):
for size in range(10, 100, 10):
for d in range(1, 4):
G = gm.generate_d_graph_chain(size, d)
# Test the size
self.assertEquals(len(G.nodes()), size)
# Test arities
for idx in range(d):
self.assertEquals(len(G.edges(idx)), d+idx)
self.assertEquals(len(G.edges(size-idx-1)), d+idx)
for idx in range(d, size-d):
self.assertEquals(len(G.edges(idx)), d*2)
def test_merging_node(self):
size = 15
d = 3
G = gm.generate_d_graph_chain(size, d)
for gap in range(1, d+1):
H = G.copy()
gm.merge_nodes(H, d+1, d+gap+1)
self.assertEquals(len(H.nodes()), size-1)
g_nodes = list(G.nodes())
for node in H.nodes():
if node in g_nodes:
g_neighbors = list(G.neighbors(node))
h_neighbors = list(H.neighbors(node))
if (d+1) in g_neighbors and (d+gap+1) in g_neighbors:
self.assertEquals(len(g_neighbors), len(h_neighbors)+1)
self.assertEquals(len(g_neighbors), len(list(h_neighbors)))
cumulative_neighbors = set(list(G.neighbors(d+1)) + list(G.neighbors(d+gap+1)))
h_neighbors = H.neighbors(f"{d+1}_{d+gap+1}")
self.assertEquals(len(cumulative_neighbors)-2, len(list(h_neighbors)))
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