Commit 39948823 authored by Amine  GHOZLANE's avatar Amine GHOZLANE
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New libraries update

parent 39be3672
......@@ -40,3 +40,21 @@ cp_to_rNVD3 = function(p, dest){
#apply the copy to all the css files
sapply(css_files, cp_to_rNVD3, rNVD3_path)
# first get d3heatmap javascript library path
scatterD3_path = paste(.libPaths(), 'scatterD3/htmlwidgets/', sep='/')
# then get all js files in this directory
js_files = dir(path=scatterD3_path, pattern = "*.js$", recursive = T, full.names = T)
# then create a function tu update the files
d3_to_d333 = function(target){
# the function will use the bash tool sed on the file target
# it makes 3 replacements
system(command=paste('sed -i .bck -e "s/d3\\ /d333 /g" -e "s/d3\\./d333./g" -e "s/d3;/d333;/g" -e "s/d3=/d333=/g" ', target))
# apply the replacement function to all js files
sapply(js_files, d3_to_d333)
# change from d3.min.js to d3.js in the yaml file
system(command=paste('sed -i .bck -e "s/d3$/d333/g" ', .libPaths(), '/scatterD3/htmlwidgets/scatterD3.yaml', sep=''))
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