Commit 9e5b60ed authored by Amine  GHOZLANE's avatar Amine GHOZLANE
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final information

parent 75e9d007
......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ body <- dashboardBody(
"Once installed, run ‘Docker Quickstart Terminal’ application."),
p("- Running SHAMAN:"),
wellPanel(div(style = 'width: 400px',"docker run --rm -p 80:80 aghozlane/shaman")),
p("Then connect to")
p("Then connect to with your favorite web navigator.")
tabPanel("R install (RC)", tags$script(type="text/javascript", language="javascript", src="google-analytics.js"),
p("SHAMAN is available for R>3.1.2. The installation, download and execution can all be performed with a small R script :",style = "font-family: 'times'; font-si16pt"),
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