Commit f6a64044 authored by Amine Ghozlane's avatar Amine Ghozlane
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Remove duplicate tag script for google analytics

parent 1a379492
......@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ body <- dashboardBody(
div(style="width:100% ; max-width: 1200px",
tabBox(title="Download / Install SHAMAN", id="tabset1", width=NULL,
tabPanel("Docker install", tags$script(type="text/javascript", language="javascript", src="google-analytics.js"),
tabPanel("Docker install",
p("Docker install is the easiest way to use SHAMAN locally."),
p("- Install docker on ubuntu (Linux):",a("here",href="")),
p("- Install docker on Windows and Mac:"),
......@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ body <- dashboardBody(
p("- Docker update after an update of SHAMAN:"),
wellPanel("docker pull aghozlane/shaman")
tabPanel("R install (RC)", tags$script(type="text/javascript", language="javascript", src="google-analytics.js"),
tabPanel("R install (RC)",
p("SHAMAN is available for R>3.1.2. The installation, download and execution can all be performed with a small R script :",style = "font-family: 'times'; font-si16pt"),
wellPanel(div(style = 'width: 400px',"# Load shiny packages",br(),
"if(!require('shiny')){",br()," install.packages('shiny')",br()," library(shiny)",br(),"}",br(),
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