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Icy - 02/02/2022
* Viewer
- added current image name in viewer title
* ImageCache
- image cache can now be initialized and shutdown at runtime (better performance and better memory usage)
* Updater
- OSX: removed automatic native library signature
* System
- fixed and improved automatic bug report plugin detection
- re-introduced library path patching for Java version supporting it (still marked as deprecated but better to keep it when supported)
- added general 'interruptible' background process actions
- improved interrupted process handling
- small fixes for headless mode
- fixed exe launcher to accept Java 12 or above
- several bug fixes and tweaks.
* Image
- implemented proper ColorSpace sharing on IcyColorModel (not anymore using illegal reflection)
* ImageCache
- reworked image cache so it does not anymore require usage of illegal reflection
- better handling of volatile image on loading process
- removed Cache.isEnabled() method (higher level now)
- added Cache.clean() and Cache.isEmpty() methods
- improved Cache.end() implementation
- fixed a small bug with ROIUtil.computeWatershedSeparation(..)
* System / advanced
- added ReflectionUtil.setFieldValue(..) methods
- added ClassPatcher.getField(..) and ClassPatcher.setFieldPublic(..) methods
- removed IcySecurityManager (deprecated with Java 14 or >)
- improved 'InterruptedException' throw / propagation and handling
Icy - 05/11/2021
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