Commit aaa7074d authored by Olivier Mengué's avatar Olivier Mengué
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The use case of Joseph Bass in #xxx (storing the whole user home
directory in Git) is quite uncommon and does not deserve to slow the
prompt for everyone else.
So the feature becomes an option: LP_GIT_HIDE_UNTRACKED_DIR
parent 7f54e6de
......@@ -682,6 +682,11 @@ _lp_git_branch()
local gitdir
gitdir="$([ $(\git ls-files . 2>/dev/null | wc -l) -gt 0 ] && \git rev-parse --git-dir 2>/dev/null)"
[[ $? -ne 0 || ! $gitdir =~ (.*\/)?\.git.* ]] && return
# If we are in an untracked dir, ignore git (idea by Joseph Bass)
# FIXME ls-files can be really slow if the repo is big
[[ "x$LP_GIT_HIDE_UNTRACKED_DIR" == x1 ]] && [[ -z "$(git ls-files . 2>/dev/null)" ]] && return
local branch
# Recent versions of Git support the --short option for symbolic-ref, but
# not 1.7.9 (Ubuntu 12.04)
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