WIP - shorten directory relative to repo root

Open Johann Dreo requested to merge github/fork/felixSchl/feature/vcs-reldir into master

Created by: felixSchl

demo: https://asciinema.org/a/21be5t92ib26uddrs9ehuaovr

I reported this as a feature request early last year: https://github.com/nojhan/liquidprompt/issues/349. I have since brushed up on my shell skills and feel comfortable delivering the said feature set.

What's left to do?

  • show relative path when in git repo
  • show relative path when in svn repo
  • show relative path when in hg repo
  • show relative path when in bzr repo
  • show relative path when in fossil repo
  • configure colouring of repo name (currently uses $LP_COLOR_PATH_ROOT) - input required
  • toggle feature ON/OFF via option - input required
  • how should this interact with the ordinary directory shortening? - input required

The way it's implemented it should be easy to add support for the supported VCS systems, provided they have a way to get the top-level directory... otherwise we might half to walk the file system, but I hope not.

I'd say supporting submodules as mentioned in the original issue would be a separate PR, but I personally lost interest in that feature.

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