Add hyperlinks for directories in path

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Created by: Rycieos

Add a _lp_create_link() function that turns a URL and text into a operating system command sequence for a clickable hyperlink in the terminal. See for details.

Add sections of the current path as hyperlinks, with the "file://" protocol.

Remaining questions:

  • Should links be added for other objects in the prompt? I can't think of any good ideas, other than VCS branches linking to the remote site copy of the branch. Or maybe, since Python virtualenvs IDs are nothing more than their path, they could be done the same as the path sections.
  • Should there be ENABLE config options for each type of link?
  • Should it be enabled or disabled by default?
  • Should it be scoped to controlled by themes, or by Liquidprompt internals? (this current implementation uses it only in internals, not at the default theme level)
  • Needs docs written.
  • Needs specific test coverage.

Resolves #659

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