Version 1.12.0

After more than 4 years, it's finally here. While the project needs much
more work, there were enough pending changes and needed small fixes that
a minor version release was needed. This release also sees the project
moving to true [Semantic Versioning](, which is why
this is a *.*.0 release. Bug fix releases between now and v2.0 will be
of the form 1.12.1 and following.

In general, this release contains mostly fixes, but there are a few
added features. Liquidprompt still has a lot of work to do with issues,
but this release should have a lot less of them than the previous

As we move towards breaking changes for 2.0, I would recommend users
stay targeting this tag, unless they want to help debug issues as we
work on 2.0, in which case you can follow master.

- color: Add `$MAGENTA`, `$BOLD_PURPLE`, and `$BOLD_MAGENTA` (3fadce9)
- color: Add warning when `tput` is not available (#615)
- path: Allow to customize the symbol before the path that shows if the
  directory is writable: `$LP_MARK_PERM` (#430)
- runtime: `$LP_RUNTIME_BELL` and `$LP_RUNTIME_BELL_THRESHOLD` to ring
  bell for slow commands (#571)

- general: use `LC_ALL=C` everywhere parsable output is needed (#548, #549)
- general: set specific `IFS` everywhere it is used (#613)
- bash: workaround broken .bashrc that export `$PROMPT_COMMAND`, we now
  unexport it on startup (#450, #463, #474)
- bash: handle unset `$_LP_RUNTIME_LAST_SECONDS` when `set -u` is set (#605)
- bash: use `$BASH_VERSINFO` for when there is a non-numeric
  suffix (#522, 0234a58)
- battery/OS X: newer versions of OS X failing to parse (#476, fefbe01)
- color: `$LP_COLORMAP` would break if customized with a different sized
  array (a70e80f)
- color: `_lp_color_map()` would return nothing if the passed in value
  was outside the scale range (a70e80f, #455, #499, #604)
- cpu/SunOS: failing math operation on load average (#479, #480)
- fossil: improve branch name detection, don't match tags (#497)
- git: remove `-E` from grep check for portablility (#508)
- git: modifications incorrectly showing as untracked files (#509)
- git: changed line check failing if file named "HEAD" existed (#517)
- hg: modifications incorrectly showing as untracked files (#509)
- hostname: regression in `$LP_ENABLE_FQDN` implementation (#472)
- hostname/SunOS: `$LP_COLOR_HOST_HASH` erroring (#461, #462, 9c1c8a3)
- jobs: mispelled variable local declaration (#564)
- root: `$LP_MARK_DEFAULT` being ignored if root (#501, 5ee3c53)
- runtime: when runtime enabled, `$_` would evaluate as
  `_lp_runtime_before` (#451)
- runtime: when running a multipart command line (with pipes or `;`),
  runtime would never show. Now shows runtime of whole pipeline (#614)
- tmux: tmux not showing as multiplexer if custom `$TERM` set (#563)

- battery: hide battery symbol when neither charging nor discharging (#582)
- color: optimize `tput` color gen (d62bf31)
- git: faster `git stash` check (#503, 93df016)

Thanks to:
* Olivier Mengué (@dolmen) for maintaining the project for the majority
  of this release window
* Felix Schlitter (@felixSchl) for cleaning up an awk script
* Bryce Jasmer (@b-jazz) for clearing up wording in the config file
* @nojhan for adding documentation to the README
* Philip Garrison (@pgarrison) for allowing the colon to be customized
* Étienne Deparis (@milouse) for improving Fossil branch name detection
* Matt Smith (@ncs-msmith) for optimizing git stash check
* François Schmidts (@jaesivsm) for fixing VCS file tracking regex
* @ste-fan for fixing battery issues
* Peter van Dijk (@Habbie) for fixing set -u issue in Bash
* Nolan Leake (@nolanl) for adding bell ringing on slow command complete
* Dmitry V. Drozdovich (@thrushcat) for fixing OS X battery issue
* Tristan Miller (@logological) for adding documentation to the README
* Markus Gebert (@mgeb) for suggested fixes in `_lp_color_map()`
* Tore Anderson (@toreanderson) for suggested fixes and documentation
  around CPU and `_lp_color_map()`
* Daniel Pinyol (@dpinol) for reporting git file named "HEAD" issue
* Alyssa Ross (@alyssais) for reporting CPU and color issue
* Gergo Szonyi (@gex) for reporting `$_` issue
* Joey Liu (@liujoey) for reporing Tmux detection issue
* Nolan Leake (@nolanl) for reporting pipeline runtime issue
* Éloi Rivard (@azmeuk) for reporting misleading message when `tput` not