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$ sudo pip install cheat
# Small tips to increase your happiness with a terminal
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In this project, you can find small tips for various different things regarding your terminal.
Each tips is in its own folder, so you can just use one tip and not necessarily all of them.
### History navigation using up/down arrows
Searching through bash’s history is not always easy.
With this file, you can just write the beginning of the command you are looking for, and navigate through the different lines you already enter using *up* and *down* arrows.
[Inputrc folder](
### Cheats
This application is really usefull to know how a classic command line works.
It is faster than using the manual and good to have.
[Cheat folder](
### Color in nano
As we all know, nano is way better than Vim or Emacs.
But even the bests are sometimes not perfect, and in nano’s case, syntax highlighting is not enabled by default.
[nano folder](
### Trash in terminal
Can someone says “I never accidentally delete files using rm -rf”? No.
The last time it appends to me, I decided: no more. So, if you want to have a nice and cool rm functionality, here it is.
[Trash folder](
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