Commit 3a63e908 authored by Olivier Sallou's avatar Olivier Sallou

update next release

parent 3392f67a
Do not use config values, trust database values #39
Fix #42: Add optional release.separator to name the bank directory bankname_release (underscore as default)
Fix #37: remote local files history from db and put it in cache.dir
Feature #38: add optional keep.old.sessions parameter to keep all sessions in database, even for removed releases
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ config = {
'url': '',
'download_url': '',
'author_email': '',
'version': '3.0.15',
'version': '3.0.16',
'classifiers': [
# How mature is this project? Common values are
# 3 - Alpha
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