Commit 105574f8 authored by Amandine  PERRIN's avatar Amandine PERRIN
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Check that genome name is not included in another genome name

parent cabd19b5
......@@ -320,10 +320,21 @@ def get_genome(header, all_genomes):
name of genome from which the header is
None if no genome found
# Name of protein is not always genome-name_num
# Ex: in gembase complete DB: >TOTO.0215.00002.i006_00065 is from genome TOTO.0215.00002
# So, genome name cannot be deduced directly from header. But it is always included in header
header = header.split(">")[1].split()[0]
for genome in all_genomes:
if genome in header:
return genome
# header should be genome<something>_num
# -> header.split(genome) should be empty for the first field
# If not empty, means that genome name is included into another genome name, so
# we must not return this genome.
# For example, genome "8-KG" is in header "98-KG_xxx", but the correct genome for this
# header is "98-KG"
if not header.split(genome)[0]:
return genome
logger.error((f"Protein {header} does not correspond to any genome name "
f"given... {all_genomes}"))
return None
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