Commit 8fd918a5 authored by Fabrice  ALLAIN's avatar Fabrice ALLAIN
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Update aria/conbox/

parent a8af2485
......@@ -16,7 +16,8 @@ from .maplot import AriaEcContactMap
from .converter import AriaEcBbConverter, AriaEcXMLConverter, \
from .reader import MapFile
from .pdbdist import PDBDist
## TODO: Solve dependencie issue with mdanalysis and pbxplore
#from .pdbdist import PDBDist
from .pdbstat import PDBStat
from .setup import AriaEcSetup
from .pdbqual import AriaEcPdbqual
......@@ -597,8 +598,9 @@ class AriaEcCommands(CLI):
def pdbdist(self):
"""Extract pdb distance distributions"""
inst = PDBDist(self.create_settings())
# TODO: See todo at the beginning of this file
#inst = PDBDist(self.create_settings())
def pdbstat(self):
"""Analyse pdb distance distribution"""
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