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<a name="0.0.18"></a>
## <small>0.0.18 (2018-04-23)</small>
## <small>0.0.18 (2018-04-24)</small>
* docs: Added bpt1 setup in examples ([a76abff](
* docs: Added link to example archive in docs ([9ec966b](
* docs: Added MALE_ECOLI example data ([4877131](
* docs: updated changelog ([ceececc](
* docs: updated changelog ([95d3f62](
* docs: Updated changelog (removed old tags) ([a59416d](
......@@ -260,8 +260,7 @@ class AriaEcCommands(object):
parser.add_argument("seq", help="sequence file [FASTA]",
parser.add_argument("msa", nargs='?',
help="MSA [FASTA] for diversityvalue"
"used with bbcontacts")
help="MSA [FASTA] used to compute diversityvalue ")
parser.add_argument("-t", "--type", required=True, dest="contact_type",
choices=self.contact_types, help="Infile contact "
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