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Cosmetics in docstrings.

parent 5e09e511
......@@ -117,12 +117,12 @@ def collapse_and_sort(alis):
Collapse elements from *alis* to their 5 prime end.
The resulting :class:`pybedtool.BedTool` is sorted.
The resulting :class:`pybedtools.BedTool` is sorted.
:param alis: An iterable of :class:`pysam.AlignedSegment`
:rtype: :class:`pybedtool.BedTool`
:rtype: :class:`pybedtools.BedTool`
:class:`pybedtool.BedTool` is an iterable:
:class:`pybedtools.BedTool` is an iterable:
It can be iterated over in a for loop, or produce an iterator
using :func:`iter` on it
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