Commit 7803b7a5 authored by Blaise Li's avatar Blaise Li
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Logging pipeline output.

parent 7fc4c737
......@@ -68,7 +68,13 @@ then
error_exit "Pipeline configuration file ${configfile} not found."
echo ${cmd}
eval ${cmd} || error_exit "${cmd} failed"
# Determine the output directory and where to log the pipeline
output_dir=$(grep "output_dir" "${configfile}" | mawk '{print $NF}' | sed 's/,$//' | sed 's/"//g')
mkdir -p ${output_dir}
log_base="${output_dir}/$(date +"%d%m%y_%Hh%Mm")"
echo ${cmd} > ${log_base}.log
eval ${cmd} > >(tee -a ${log_base}.log) 2> >(tee -a ${log_base}.err >&2) || error_exit "${cmd} failed"
exit 0
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