Commit a927a057 authored by Blaise Li's avatar Blaise Li
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Prepare for testing different alignment settings.

Added function to compute seed disposition from bowtie2 settings.
parent 00f3e419
from .libhts import (
do_deseq2, gtf_2_genes_exon_lengths,
plot_boxplots, plot_counts_distribution, plot_histo,
plot_lfc_distribution, plot_MA,
from math import floor, ceil
from math import floor, ceil, sqrt, log
from functools import reduce
from re import sub
import warnings
......@@ -177,13 +177,67 @@ def spikein_gtf_2_lengths(spikein_gtf):
def make_empty_bigwig(filename, chrom_sizes):
"""Writes *filename* so that it is an empty bigwig file.
*chrom_sizes is a dictionary giving chromosome sizes* given
chomosome names.
bw_out =, "w")
for (chrom, chrom_len) in bw_out.chroms().items():
bw_out.addEntries(chrom, 0, values=np.nan_to_num(np.zeros(chrom_len)[0::10]), span=10, step=10)
chrom, 0,
span=10, step=10)
def zero(value):
return 0
def identity(value):
return value
bowtie2_function_selector = {
"C": zero,
"L": identity,
"S": sqrt,
"G": log}
def make_seeding_function(seeding_string):
"""Generates a function that computes the seeding pattern given a
string representing bowtie2 seeding settings (-L and -i options).
>>> make_seeding_function("-L 6 -i S,1,0.8")(18)
[[0, 6], [4, 10], [8, 14], [12, 18]]
[opt1, val1, opt2, val2] = seeding_string.split()
if opt1 == "-L":
assert opt2 == "-i"
seed_len = int(val1)
interval_string = val2
assert opt2 == "-L"
seed_len = int(val2)
interval_string = val1
[func_type, constant, coeff] = interval_string.split(",")
constant = float(constant)
coeff = float(coeff)
func_type = bowtie2_function_selector[func_type]
def seeding_function(read_len):
interval = floor(constant + (coeff * func_type(read_len)))
seeds = []
seed = [0, seed_len]
while seed[1] <= read_len:
next_seed_start = seed[0] + interval
seed = [next_seed_start, next_seed_start + seed_len]
return seeds
return seeding_function
def do_deseq2(cond_names, conditions, counts_data,
formula=None, contrast=None, deseq2_args=None):
"""Runs a DESeq2 differential expression analysis."""
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