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add file to create labyrinth (from yoann code)

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import random
class Maze:
def __init__(self, nb_rows, nb_cols):
self.nb_rows = nb_rows
self.nb_cols = nb_cols
self.maze = [["."]*nb_cols for _ in range(nb_rows)]
""" Fill randomly the maze regarding the wall_proba
@param wall_proba Independent probability for each tile to be a wall
@param seed Random seed for reproducibility
def fill_random(self, wall_proba=0.5, seed=None):
if seed:
for row in self.maze:
for idx in range(self.nb_cols):
row[idx] = "#" if random.random() < wall_proba else "."
""" Save a maze to a file """
def save(self, filename):
with open(filename, "w") as out:
out.write(f"{self.nb_rows} {self.nb_cols}")
for row in self.maze:
out.write("".join(row) + "\n")
""" Load a maze from a file """
def load(self, filename):
with open(filename) as input:
# Parse header
header = input.readline()
header = [int(x) for x in header.strip().split(" ")]
# Construct maze properties
self.nb_rows, self.nb_cols = header
self.maze = [["."] * self.nb_cols for _ in range(self.nb_rows)]
# Fill the maze
for row_idx in range(self.nb_rows):
line = input.readline()
for col_idx in range(self.nb_cols):
self.maze[row_idx][col_idx] = line[col_idx]
def __repr__(self):
rows_str = []
for row in self.maze:
return "\n".join(rows_str)
if __name__ == "__main__":
m = Maze(10, 10)
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