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Two scripts to isolate two sequences from a multiple alignment and show them side by side. The result can be useful to:
1. find corresponding residue numbers between the aligned sequences;
2. compress information about similarity in a graph.
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2. compress information about similarity in a graph.
Example of use:
python -a testdata/DCP2_MAFFT.mfa -u "YEASX" -w "SCHPM" -o testdata/DCP2_MAFFT_matrix.txt
python -m testdata/DCP2_MAFFT_matrix.txt -o testdata/Scer_vs_Spom_DCP2.pdf
From a multiple alignment (in jalview):
<!-- ![jalview region of alignment](images/screenshot_jalview_dcp2.png) -->
<img src="images/screenshot_jalview_dcp2.png" alt="jalview region of alignment" width="600">
one can get the following image, with only two of the sequences highlighted, lower is S. cerevisiae, upper is S. pombe:
![example of graphical output](testdata/Scer_vs_Spom_DCP2.png)
More information in the file.
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