Commit 100d74b5 authored by Bertrand  NÉRON's avatar Bertrand NÉRON
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add predicted_system and ncbi_id infos

parent bae60722
<li class="tooltip">
<a href="{{url}}"><span class="replicon_property">Strain</span>: {{strain}} ; <span class="replicon_property">T3SS family</span>: {{T3SS_family}}</a>
<a href="{{url}}"><span class="replicon_property">Strain</span>: {{strain}} ;
<span class="replicon_property">Predicted system</span>: {{predicted_system}}</a>
<li><span class="replicon_property">NCBI id</span>: {{ncbi_id}}</li>
<li><span class="replicon_property">taxonomy id</span>: {{taxid}}</li>
<li><span class="replicon_property">full taxonomy</span>: {{taxonomy}}</li>
<li><span class="replicon_property">replicon type</span>: {{type}}</li>
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