Commit f949a1e6 authored by Bertrand  NÉRON's avatar Bertrand NÉRON
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file containig system info could refer replicon which are not in replicon file

so skip these systems and log them
parent 2e8a3cdf
......@@ -179,13 +179,19 @@ def fill_db(server_uri, db_name, user, passwd, replicon_db, system_db, force_upd
secreton_db = server.get_or_create_db(db_name)
system_codes = system_db.keys()
print("number of documents:", len(system_codes), file=sys.stderr)
for syst_code in system_codes:
system = system_db[syst_code]
replicon = replicon_db[system.replicon]
replicon = replicon_db[system.replicon]
except KeyError:
print("ERROR Replicon {0} referenced in system annotation file is not present in replicon information file: replicon skipped")
secretion_system = SecretionSystem()
secretion_system._id = system.code
secretion_system.code = system.code
secretion_system.predicted_system = system.predicted_system
secretion_system.system_status = system.system_status
secretion_system.replicon = {'name':,
'ncbi_id': replicon.ncbi_id,
'taxid': replicon.taxid,
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