Commit 44e2ed15 authored by Hervé  MENAGER's avatar Hervé MENAGER
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Update celeryd config to set task max life to 48hrs

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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ CELERYD_NODES="worker"
CELERYD_CHDIR="/home/ippidb/ippidb-web-{{ http_port }}/ippisite"
CELERYD_OPTS="--time-limit=3000 --concurrency=1 --max-tasks-per-child=1"
CELERYD_OPTS="--time-limit=172800 --concurrency=1 --max-tasks-per-child=1"
CELERYD_LOG_FILE="/var/ippidb-{{ http_port }}-celery/celery%n%I.log"
CELERYD_PID_FILE="/var/ippidb-{{ http_port }}-celery/"
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