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reformat ippidb.models with black

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......@@ -1312,15 +1312,9 @@ class CompoundPKResult(models.Model):
t_demi = models.IntegerField("t½ (mn)", blank=True, null=True)
t_max = models.IntegerField("tmax (mn)", blank=True, null=True)
auc_av = models.BooleanField("Area under curve available")
clearance_av = models.BooleanField(
"Clearance available"
c_max_av = models.BooleanField(
"Maximal concentration available"
voldistribution_av = models.BooleanField(
"Volume distribution (Vd) available"
clearance_av = models.BooleanField("Clearance available")
c_max_av = models.BooleanField("Maximal concentration available")
voldistribution_av = models.BooleanField("Volume distribution (Vd) available")
class Meta:
unique_together = (("compound", "test_pk_description"),)
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