Commit fce96608 authored by Hervé  MENAGER's avatar Hervé MENAGER
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fix changing refs to compounds creating duplicates in other tables

such tables being CompoundTanimoto and DrugbankCompoundTanimoto
WIP on #212
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......@@ -951,12 +951,10 @@ class Compound(AutoFillableModel):
for cpr in CompoundPKResult.objects.filter(compound=self):
cpr.compound = replacing_compound
for ct in CompoundTanimoto.objects.filter(compound=self):
ct.compound = replacing_compound
for dct in DrugbankCompoundTanimoto.objects.filter(compound=self):
dct.compound = replacing_compound
# remove similarities with current component, in case any had been
# stored
class CompoundTanimoto(models.Model):
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