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Draft: Improve source

Kenzo-Hugo Hillion requested to merge improve-source into dev

Closes #163


  • Create Source model
  • Migration
    • Create IGC and Virgo sources in migration
    • Link Gene to Source in migration
  • Add Serializer and update Serializer for Gene
  • Add custom command to create sources
  • Add API endpoint to list sources
    • Basic endpoint
    • Extended information from
    • Requests cache for -> API to unstable
  • Update filters on API
    • Update backend filters
    • Query source list from frontend to list available source to filter on
  • Update scripts to generate light DB
    • Update Factory for Gene
    • Create Dummy sources
  • Update way to compute statistics
  • Update Frontend
    • Use correct source in list
    • Add Source component
    • Add source box gene description
  • Add description of Source on DB
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