Commit 2c621522 authored by Kenzo-Hugo Hillion's avatar Kenzo-Hugo Hillion
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start Snakefile to split fasta

parent e3b2c07b
__split_fasta_number_sequences = config.get('split_fasta', {}).get('number_sequences', 1000000)
__split_fasta_prefix = config.get('split_fasta', {}).get('prefix', 'seq_chunk_')
EXPECTED_EXT = [f"{i:05d}" for i in range(0, int(9898412/__split_fasta_number_sequences) + 1)]
rule split_fasta:
Split a FASTA file with the desired number of sequences per chunk
n_lines = __split_fasta_number_sequences * 2,
prefix = __split_fasta_prefix
cat {input} | awk '/^>/ {{if(N>0) printf("\\n"); printf("%s\\n",$0);++N;next;}} {{ printf("%s",$0);}} END {{printf("\\n");}}' | split -l {params.n_lines} -a 5 -d - {params.prefix}
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