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fix filer on imputation quality

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......@@ -97,11 +97,11 @@ Input
Note that the combination of Consortium and outcome must be unique because it will be used as an index in the cleaning process.
Here is an example of descriptor field, the field irrelevant (for example odd ratio for continuous trait) for the study must be filled with na.
Some fields are optional like the imputation_quality. If not used they can be filled with na.
.. csv-table:: GWAS information table!
:header: "filename","consortia","outcome","fullName","type","Nsample","Ncase","Ncontrol","Nsnp","snpid","a1","a2","freq","pval","n","z","OR","se","code","imp","ncas","ncont"
"GIANT_HEIGHT_Wood_et_al.txt","GIANT","HEIGHT","Height","Anthropometry",253288, na, na, 2550858, "MarkerName", "Allele1", "Allele2", "Freq.Allele1.HapMapCEU","p","N","b",na,"SE",na,na,na,na
:header: "filename","consortia","outcome","fullName","type","Nsample","Ncase","Ncontrol","Nsnp","snpid","a1","a2","freq","pval","n","z","OR","se","code","imp","ncas","ncont","imputation_quality"
"GIANT_HEIGHT_Wood_et_al.txt","GIANT","HEIGHT","Height","Anthropometry",253288, na, na, 2550858, "MarkerName", "Allele1", "Allele2", "Freq.Allele1.HapMapCEU","p","N","b",na,"SE",na,na,na,na, "imputationInfo"
Command line usage example:
......@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@ def read_gwas( gwas_internal_link, column_map, imputation_treshold=None):
if imputation_treshold:
fullGWAS = fullGWAS.loc[fullName.imputation_quality > imputation_treshold]
fullGWAS = fullGWAS.loc[fullGWAS.imputation_quality > imputation_treshold]
fullGWAS = fullGWAS[~fullGWAS.index.duplicated(keep='first')]
#fullGWAS = convert_missing_values(fullGWAS)
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