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add flexible region masker

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......@@ -39,8 +39,11 @@ def launch_preprocessing(args):
mapgw = jp.map_gwas.map_columns_position(GWAS_link, args.gwas_info)
gw_df = jp.map_gwas.read_gwas(GWAS_link, mapgw)
ref = read_reference(args.ref_path, bool(args.mask_MHC), float(args.minimum_MAF))
if args.additional_masked_region is None:
ref = jp.map_reference.read_reference(args.ref_path, bool(args.mask_MHC), float(args.minimum_MAF))
ref = jp.map_reference.read_reference(args.ref_path, bool(args.mask_MHC), float(args.minimum_MAF), region_to_mask=eval(args.additional_masked_region))
mgwas = jp.map_reference.map_on_ref_panel(gw_df, ref)
mgwas = jp.map_reference.compute_snp_alignement(mgwas)
mgwas = jp.compute_score.compute_z_score(mgwas)
......@@ -70,6 +73,7 @@ def add_preprocessing_argument():
parser.add_argument('--minimum-MAF', required=False, help= "Filter the reference panel by minimum allele frequency", default=0.01)
parser.add_argument('--mask-MHC', required=False, help= "Whether the MHC region should be masked or not. default is False", default=False)
parser.add_argument('--additional-masked-region', required=False, help= "List of dictionary containing coordinate of region to mask. For example :[{'chr':6, 'start':50000000, 'end': 70000000}, {'chr':6, 'start':100000000, 'end': 120000000}]", default=None)
......@@ -8,9 +8,17 @@ import numpy as np
import jass_preprocessing.dna_utils as dna_u
import warnings
def read_reference(gwas_reference_panel, mask_MHC=False, minimum_MAF=None):
def read_reference(gwas_reference_panel, mask_MHC=False, minimum_MAF=None, region_to_mask=None):
helper function to name correctly the column
gwas_reference_panel (str): path toward the reference panel file
mask_MHC (bool): Whether the MHC region should be masked or not. default is False
Filter the reference panel by minimum allele frequency (hg19 coordinate)
minimum_MAF (float): minimum allele frequency for a SNPs to be retain in the panel
region_to_mask (dict): a list of additional regions to mask
ref (pandas dataframe): the reference_panel with the specified filter applied
ref = pd.read_csv(gwas_reference_panel, header=None, sep= "\t",
names =['chr', "pos", "snp_id", "ref", "alt", "MAF"],
......@@ -21,6 +29,9 @@ def read_reference(gwas_reference_panel, mask_MHC=False, minimum_MAF=None):
if minimum_MAF is not None:
ref = ref.loc[ref.MAF > minimum_MAF]
if region_to_mask is not None:
for reg in region_to_mask:
ref = ref.loc[(ref.chr != reg["chr"]) | (ref.pos <reg["start"])|(ref.pos > reg["end"])]
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