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Impg model function

parent fa8b3139
function for SNP imputation
import numpy
def ImpG_model(Zt, Sig_t, Sig_i_t):
Zt : (vector) the vector of known Z scores
np.fill_diagonal(Sig_t.values, 1.01)
Sig_t.fillna(0, inplace=True)
Sig_t_inv =np.linalg.inv(Sig_t)
Var = np.diag(Sig_t)[0] - np.einsum('ij,jk,ki->i', Sig_i_t, Sig_t_inv ,Sig_i_t.transpose())
mu =,, Zfile.loc[index_known, 'Z']))
return((Var, mu))
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