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July20 aria

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......@@ -18,10 +18,27 @@ module use /ISB2017/modulefiles
#source /ISB2017/phenix-1.11.1-2575/
#July19 setup (dynamo and matlab)
module add matlab dynamo chimera-1.11.2-linux_x86_64
#module add matlab dynamo chimera-1.11.2-linux_x86_64
# July20 setup (aria)
module add anaconda2
export ARIADIR=/ISB2017/Course_material/July20
export ARIA2=$ARIADIR/aria2.3
alias aria2='$ARIADIR/ccpnmr/bin/pythonCcpn -O $ARIA2/'
alias analysis='$ARIADIR/ccpnmr/bin/analysis'
if [ ! -e $ARIAWORKDIR ]; then
tar -C $ARIAWORKDIR -xzf $ARIADIR/example.tgz
tar -C $ARIAWORKDIR -xzf $ARIADIR/advanced.tgz
# July21 setup (nothing: working on windows)
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