Commit 2c544b0a authored by Blaise Li's avatar Blaise Li
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Trying to relax memory limitations.

Pisa has more memory. Trim and dedup seems to be a bottleneck.
parent 0906153c
libworkflows @ a6a8d82c
Subproject commit 3230409c45b98f697f50153d76845f1514fbdabc
Subproject commit a6a8d82cdea5cfb481637fb65e0441d615111b59
......@@ -898,8 +898,8 @@ rule trim_and_dedup:
nb_trimmed = OPJ(data_dir, "trimmed", "{lib}_{rep}_nb_trimmed.txt"),
nb_deduped = OPJ(data_dir, "trimmed", "{lib}_{rep}_nb_deduped.txt"),
threads: 2
# mem_mb=1049300
"Trimming adaptor from raw data, deduplicating reads, removing random 5' {trim5}-mers and 3' {trim3}-mers for {wildcards.lib}_{wildcards.rep}."
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