Commit 0906153c authored by Blaise Li's avatar Blaise Li
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Fix makefile. Symbolic link update was wrong.

parent 8ddf5ca7
......@@ -4,8 +4,9 @@ ifeq ($(PREFIX),)
PREFIX := /opt/bioinfo_utils
all: run_pipeline
install: all
install: run_pipeline
install -d $(PREFIX)_$(VERSION)/bin
install run_pipeline $(PREFIX)_$(VERSION)/bin/.
install $(PREFIX)_$(VERSION)/bin/.
......@@ -13,9 +14,7 @@ install: all
do \
ln -sf $(PREFIX)_$(VERSION)/bin/ $(PREFIX)_$(VERSION)/bin/run_$${datatype}_pipeline; \
all: run_pipeline
ln -sfn $(PREFIX)_$(VERSION) $(PREFIX)
# Should depend on the rest of the repository.
run_pipeline: run_pipeline.def
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