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fix link towards galaxy and tools

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......@@ -156,7 +156,10 @@ h2#tagline {
<p>The profiles and models used are freely available in our website for systematic searches in the dedicated
<a href="http://galaxy.pasteur.frGalaxy">Galaxy web server</a> (search for txsscan, conjscan, capsulefinder
<a href="">Galaxy web server</a> (search for
<a href="">txsscan</a>,
<a href="">conjscan</a>,
<a href="">capsulefinder</a>
or in the standalone version in conjunction with MacSyFinder and MacSyView
(MacSyFinder and  MacSyView are also freely available on <a href="">
......@@ -167,10 +170,6 @@ h2#tagline {
The documentation on these programs can be found at <a
<p>Visit our website: <a href="">Microbial
evolutionary genomics group</a>.</p>
<div id="references">
<h2>References for citation purposes:</h2>
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