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Description of the used scripts

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Trying to deconvolve single tag assignment for multiple molecules
## Run the deconvolution
## Scripts
python3 src/
For the majority of the scripts, argparse is used.
To know how to use it please use the -h option.
### Data simulation
* Create a linear molecule graph, where the molecules are linked to the d molecules on their left and d molecules on their right.
* Take a barcode graph as input (gexf formated) and outputs a barcode graph. The barcode graph is create by fusion of nodes from the molecule graph.
### Data structures and algorithms
* Mount a barcode graph into memory and create a d2 graph from it.
* take a d2 graph gexf file and and analyse it. Look for an approximation of the longest correct path to reconstruct a molecule graph. Take as input a d2 graph where the truth is known in the node names (the format used to create fake data).
* Take an tsv optimization file of a d2 graph and look for the variables coverage. Outputs the missing variables (if exists).
## Run the tests
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