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......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ Download and extract reference panel for LD-score in the pipeline folder:
Once done you can launch the pipeline as:
nextflow run --ref_panel {ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_PIPELINE_FOLDER}/Ref_panel --gwas_folder {ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_PIPELINE_FOLDER}/test_data/ -with-report jass_report.html
......@@ -51,3 +52,16 @@ The following Item are necessary to run JASS pipeline on real data
If you are working with a HPC server (Slurm job scheduler), you can adapt the nextflow_sbatch.config file and launch the pipeline with a command like:
sbatch --mem-per-cpu 32G -p common,dedicated,ggs --qos=long --wrap "module load java/13.0.2;module load singularity/3.8.3;module load graphviz/2.42.3;./nextflow run -with-report imput_report.html -with-timeline imput_timeline.html -c nextflow_sbatch.config -qs 300"
## Using docker container
Stable versions of JASS tools are available as docker container:
- JASS preprocessing:
- JASS containers:
- RAISS containers:
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